Custom Keepsakes

Custom Keepsakes


C u s t o m   K e e p s a k e  A b s t r a c t

NOT SOLD OUT - Pricing varies.

** Ongoing Inquiries - see below **

Have a custom Keepsake Abstract original created just for you. 

Hide something special and minimal within the abstract itself ( date or initials, little lines to represent children or grandchildren, lyrics, verse or small drawing somewhere only you will know unless you choose to share. or add a piece of patinaed metal with something special etched into it.

All paintings come signed, dated, and titled on the back along with any other special message you'd like to add. Each piece can be custom titled by you as well. 

** Already love a specific piece that is listed? Happy to add something personal to existing artwork. Inquire either below or at the contact form above.

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